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What is the Best Age to Treat?

What is the Best Age to Treat?

A common question we get asked is, "what is the best age to start orthodontic treatment?" While many of our patients are actually adults, the answer is, we don't treat by age because no two children are alike. We always treat according to our patient's needs and routine preventive orthodontic treatment is performed for children who require it, always being careful not to start treatment too early if it is not needed.

Children who can benefit from preventive treatment may reduce the chances of future gum problems, growth problems, abnormal tooth wear and can minimize the need for surgeries or extractions of adult teeth as well as simultaneously decrease their discomfort and the number of visits required.

We encourage our patients to visit their family dentist regularly but do not require a referral. Anyone can schedule a complimentary consultation by calling our office at (905) 789-8888.  We will be pleased to explain whether your child may benefit from preventive orthodontic treatment.

Consultations are FREE and no referral from your family dentist is required. Simply call (905) 789-8888! 




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