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Preventive Treatment

Preventive Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment Before All of the Adult Teeth Are Present and Why It Is Important for My Child?

The orthodontic problem will determine the correct time to start treatment not the age of your child or the presence of all of the adult teeth. Depending on the problems, starting orthodontic treatment before all of the adult teeth are present may reduce the chances of future gum problems, growth problems, abnormal tooth wear, and can decrease the need of surgery and extractions of adult teeth. By using your child's growth potential, together we can help make future orthodontic problems less severe. This treatment is know as "early treatment" in the orthodontic world and it helps correct bone/jaw mis-matching or abnormal tooth positioning. Early treatment may not avoid the need for future braces, but it allows for better results and makes future treatment less complex. Therefore any future treatment will be less expensive. For your benefit, we will deduct a substantial portion of the fee for your child's early, preventative treatment from any future treatment because we believe in helping your child as much as you do.

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